How to create a new user profile on Windows 10, so you can share programs but keep your files private

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderIt’s easy to create a new user on your Windows 10 computer.

There are parts of your computer that you might want to share – your programs, for example. There are others – private documents, personal image folders – that you don’t.

In Windows 10, user accounts let you share access to some things, but not others, when handing control of your computer to someone else.

But first, you need to know how to make a new user account. Here’s how.

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How to create a new user in Windows 10

1. Open the Start menu by clicking on the Windows icon at the bottom-left of the screen, or by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.

2. Search for “Add user” and select “Add, edit or remove other users” when it comes up in the results.

Ross James/Business InsiderFind ‘Add, edit or remove another users’ in the start menu

3. In the Settings window that opens, select “Add someone else to this PC.”

Ross James/Business InsiderIt should be the last setting in the menu.

4. Microsoft will prompt you to add their Microsoft account details, but if you select “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information,” you can then select “Add a user without a Microsoft account.” This is best if you just want to add a user account quickly.

Ross James/Business InsiderIf you want to, you can also take the time to set up a Microsoft account, but it’s not necessary.

5. Create their username and enter the password they will be using – or, ask them to enter their own password for privacy.

6. Do the same process for their security questions.

7. When the account is created, its icon should appear in the Settings window. The account should be active and free to use when you log out of your own account, or switch users.

Ross James/Business InsiderI’ve created a new account called ‘Business Insider.’

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