A recruiter who's interviewed hundreds of people shares her 3 best tips to ace a job application

Kristin Carlson YelpKristin CarlsonYou need to know your audience, says Kristin Carlson (pictured).

If your résumé and cover letter are a mess, then you’re probably not going to advance too far in the hiring process.

Business Insider recently spoke with Yelp senior sales recruiter Kristin Carlson about the $3 billion company‘s hiring process. She’s hired a total of 253 employees during her time at Yelp.

“Our recruiters take time to review every single résumé and to read all cover letters,” she says. “Both are the first very important part of the process and, don’t forget, a representation of you.”

She discussed three major things to look out for before submitting a job application:

1. Watch out for the details

“I can’t tell you how many times a cover letter will have the wrong company name or the wrong job title, so don’t be sloppy,” Carlson says. “Think of it this way: You wouldn’t show up at an interview without making sure you have pants on, would you?”

2. Get creative

Carlson says that creativity goes a long way when it comes to job applications.

“A recent new hire created her own Yelp review of herself as a candidate — five stars, no doubt — which showed some real dedication, creativity, and thoughtfulness,” Carlson says.

3. Know your audience

“Cover letters don’t necessarily need to be that fancy, but do know your audience,” she told Business Insider. “I recently received a letter that started with ‘Dear Sirs.’ What that shows me is a lack of knowledge about Yelp and what it’s like to work here. Be personable and have some fun.”

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