4 Skills CEOs Have That You Might Lack

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Hard work, smarts and a little bit of luck will take you (or anyone) a long way. In most organisations, less than 1% of employees will attain an executive level position. You may desire to be one of the few, and if do you want to reach the top, you will have to demonstrate four relatively rare skills to distinguish yourself.

These skills are rare because few people have them. And these rare skills will drive your career progression upward because they are very valuable. You may already have some of these skills, and what you don’t have, you can develop.

The skills described here aren’t a function of age, education or experience. They all reflect a need for judgment, self control and insight. But with those attributes and these skills, you have all the makings of a top executive.

1. Superior issue discernment and listening capability.

2. The capability to lead change without creating enemies

3. The judgment to choose your battles wisely and the courage to fight them

4. The ability to produce extraordinary results from ordinary people

(You can get colleagues to work smarter by leading with your actions)

Respond quickly to matters that arise, act decisively and communicate your rationale, do their jobs with them, and capture/disseminate best practices. If a group begins responding to customers in two hours instead of eight because you've declared that to be the standard, you've moved the ball forward materially. To get that done, you need your team to prioritise response ahead of whatever they used to fill their time with in the interim. Those tasks will now have to come after not before responding to the customer. There are no more hours in a day and your team may not be working harder, but they are working smarter by making better prioritization decisions.

Demonstrate maturity and accept that you won't ever receive the full credit.

There is a saying that

If you do get to the top you might be in the company of these guys. Don't Miss...

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