If You EVER 'Facebook Stalk' There's An Embarrassing Feature You Need To Be Aware Of

Some people (not me, of course) use Facebook to look up old flames from time to time.

They (not me, of course) do this not because they are trying to do anything inappropriate.

They (not me, of course) do this merely because they are curious about people who used to play an important role in their lives.

(And to see if these old flames have gained weight/lost their jobs/are dating losers now – I imagine.)


If you are one of these people (I am not) then you should be aware of a new Facebook feature that is potentially very embarrassing.

It is this: Facebook now keeps track of your search histories!

We found about it from HuffPo.

The good news is that the Web page/horror show is only available to you, when you are logged into your computer.

The bad news is: lots of people (particularly couples!) share computers and often do not bother to log out of Facebook (maybe because they know they haven’t been doing anything ACTUALLY wrong, like messaging old flames – just maybe looking them up, which isn’t so bad, not that I would know.)


Just to be safe, you might want to visit this web page, check to see how embarrassing it is, and then delete your search history.

From the Facebook homepage, click on your profile link on the top left

Click it again!

OK, phew. They're all gone. (Not that either of us had anything to worry about.)

Now see what Facebook's new Graph Search is all about:

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