How To Clean Up Your E-Mail Inbox

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It can be really easy for your inbox to get out of control.

Unfortunately, that often results in forgotten responses, lost messages, and lots of wasted time.

Solution! The Harvard Business Review suggests putting every message in one of three categories to combat e-mail overflow.

From HBR:

  1. Follow-up — “For messages you have to respond to or act on that will take longer than a couple of minutes.” You should add a note about each of these messages to your “to-do list.”
  2. Hold — “For messages that involve something you’re waiting on to happen, like a package shipment or event invitation.” Again, you should make note each of these, ideally on your calendar.
  3. Archive — “For messages [you’re] done with but want to keep for reference.”

And voila: a clean and organised inbox.

Read the entire article at HBR >

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