Your coffeemaker is disgusting -- here's how to clean it

If you wake up every morning and stagger over to your coffee machine to brew up a pot of joe, chances are you’re also brewing up a bunch of mould. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this disgusting problem.

A 2011 study from the Public Health and Safety Organisation found that the reservoir of a standard drip coffee maker was the fifth-most germ-ridden item in an average household. Researchers found yeast and mould in half of all the coffee machines that they surveyed.

Gross, right? Happily, all you need is white vinegar to clean out all the filth — and your coffee will taste better too.

Simply brew a full pot of a mixture that’s half vinegar and half water. Turn the machine off when half of the pot has been brewed and allow everything to sit for about half an hour before finishing.

You’re probably going to want to brew a couple pots of just pure water to ensure that the vinegar has all been flushed out before you go back to making regular java, but the mould will be all gone.


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