A woman who sells 6-figure engagement rings explains how to choose a ring that suits your lifestyle — and what you should avoid if you're highly active

Katie Warren/Business InsiderNicole Wegman inspects a diamond through a magnifying glass at Ring Concierge’s NYC office.
  • Nicole Wegman is the founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, a company that designs and sells customised engagement rings ranging in price from $US10,000 to well into the six figures.
  • Wegman and her team say it’s important to choose a ring style that matches your lifestyle because some designs are more high maintenance than others.
  • If you tend to be hard on jewellery, you should avoid styles with micro-pave-set diamonds on the band and go for a more minimalist style.

When it comes to engagement rings, many people are obsessed with finding the perfect, colorless, flawless diamond.

What they don’t always consider is choosing a style that matches their lifestyle, according to Nicole Wegman, founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, a company that designs and sells customised engagement rings ranging in price from $US10,000 to well into the six figures.

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If you know you’re hard on jewellery, or you don’t take your ring off at the gym, you should consider a lower-maintenance setting, Wegman said.

“A zero-maintenance setting is our Whisper Thin, as there are no micro-pave-set diamonds on the band,” Wegman said. “It’s easy to keep clean and goes with everything when it comes to stackable jewellery and wedding bands.”

Whisper thin ring conciergeKatie Warren/Business InsiderThe low-maintenance Whisper Thin, one of Ring Concierge’s most popular ring settings.

The Whisper Thin is one of Ring Concierge’s most popular signature ring settings.

What Wegman wouldn’t recommend for certain lifestyles are rings with many tiny diamonds.

The setting on Ring Concierge’s Devon ring, for example, has “three rows of diamonds, and if you think about the size of the prongs that hold each diamond, they’re microscopic,” Wegman said.

Ring conciergeRing ConciergeThe Devon floating oval engagement ring with three rows of micro-pave-set diamonds.

“We sell this all the time, and it’s fine, but if you know you’re the type of person that’s never going to take your ring off when you’re at the gym, the likelihood of you knocking one of these prongs is pretty high,” she said. “We fix them [for free] – it’s not a big deal – but it’s just inconvenient for you to say, ‘I knocked another one out.'”

And if you want something sturdy but still has plenty of sparkle?

“Let’s say you travel quite a bit and want something you can wear comfortably without sacrificing that sparkle,” Wegman said. “Eternity bands are an excellent go-to. They’re easy to wear anywhere and every day, you truly never have to think twice about this style!”

Ring conciergeRing ConciergeAn emerald cut eternity band from Ring Concierge.

Ring Concierge previously told Business Insider that many people neglect to take off their engagement rings when they’re exercising, which can lead to damage and stone loss.

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Another place you should never wear your engagement ring is in the ocean.

“You go swimming in the ocean, your fingers get cold, they shrink, the water acts as a lubricant, and your ring is gone,” Wegman said. “When you say it out loud, it sounds like common sense. But people are just, they’re packing up to go to the beach and they don’t think to take it off, and then what are you going to do with it? Drop it in your beach bag?”

If you tend to be hard on jewellery, a lower-maintenance setting should be a top priority as you choose an engagement ring, Taylor Lanore, a diamond expert and Ring Concierge’s public-relations director, told Business Insider. But, of course, that shouldn’t keep you from choosing your dream ring.

“In the end, the majority of our clients prefer to go with their very favourite looking setting design (after all, we want to make you your dream ring!) and then they adjust their habits and lifestyles ever so slightly to accommodate the designs by removing their rings before heavy activities, cleaning, and sleep,” Lanore said.

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