How To Cheat On Your Wife*

Well, you know how it is.

Cheating on your wife (or husband!) is perilous indeed. The opportunities for getting caught are endless. Fortunately — there’s the internet!

Obviously, there’s email and social media to get you started.

But there’s also plenty of dating sites that cater specifically to married men and women looking for affairs.

These are perfect, because the best affairs for a married person is with another married person — because they have as much to lose. If you sleep with your secretary or your babysitter or tennis pro, he/she might get ideas and call your husband/wife. A married person generally has too much at stake for those shenanigans. 

The internet solves another problem!

Ashley Madison

Sets it apart: The best known.

The deal: It's the best known dating site for married people, since it got a hell of a lot of media attention, at least in the US. It's even got a money back guarantee. But there are plenty of online reports of fake profiles on the site, so watch out.

Illicit Encounters

Sets it apart: Big in the UK.

The deal: It's pretty much like Ashley Madison, but for Europe. If you're based in Europe, you might have more luck with this one.


Sets it apart: Travel.

The deal: Gleeden is international in nature. It's made for married people who travel a lot and want affairs on the go, so it's focused on getting you that.


Sets it apart: It's all in the name.

The deal: While not specifically geared to married people, SexSearch deserves a mention because it helps people find no-strings-attached sex, which is great for married people. We alternatively like and hate its flamboyant Flash interface.

Sugar Daddie

Sets it apart: Again, the name says it all.

The deal: This is probably our favourite of the bunch. It doesn't hide what it's about. This site is for Sugar Daddies and girls looking for them. Meaning, well, relationships adorned with plenty of valuable gifts. If it sounds like prostitution to you, well, we can't say we disagree. But it's the legal kind.


DISCLAIMER: We're happily married and wouldn't cheat on our wife. We haven't used any of the sites from this list. Exercise caution. (And don't cheat on your wife. No, seriously.)

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