How to change your Wi-Fi password and secure your internet connection

It’s easy to change your Wi-Fi password. Maskot/Getty Images

  • To change your Wi-Fi password, you’ll need to open your router’s configuration page using an internet browser.
  • You should change your Wi-Fi password when you buy a new router, as a custom password will keep strangers from using your bandwidth.
  • If you feel that someone has figured out your Wi-Fi password, you can change it at any time.
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A Wi-Fi network allows you to connect your devices to the internet without the need for bulky ethernet cables. However, to keep your internet secure, you’ll need a Wi-Fi password.

Without a password, anyone can connect to your Wi-Fi network. This means that strangers can hog the network, reducing your internet speed. In a worst case scenario, they can even exploit your devices to install malware and steal sensitive information.

To prevent this, you should change your Wi-Fi router’s default password.

Doing this is simpler than it seems, although it will require you to log into your router’s configuration page.

Here’s what you should know.

How to change your Wi-Fi password

1. Using any internet browser on a Mac or PC, open your router’s configuration page. To do this, you’ll need to type in your router’s default IP address. This is typically or, though you should check your specific router’s details, as this may differ. It’s often written on the bottom or side of the router, listed as either an IP address or an “access URL.”

2. Log into your router using its username and password. The username and password are often “admin” or “userAdmin” by default, but check with your router’s manufacturer or internet service provider if this doesn’t work. Alternately, the login information can sometimes be found on the bottom of the router itself.

How to change wifi password 1
Some routers will only ask you for a password, while others will ask you for both a password and username. Jennifer Still/Business Insider

3. Once logged in, locate the “Wireless” or “Wireless Security” option. It will likely be listed either at the top or left side of the page.

4. In the “Wi-Fi Password” or “Key” box, enter the password you want your connection to have. The safest passwords are long, and contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. You’ll likely be able to change your Wi-Fi network’s public name (SSID) here, too.

How to change wifi password 3
You’ll be able to change most Wi-Fi settings from this menu. Jennifer Still/Business Insider

5. Once your changes are completed, scroll down and click “Save” to save the changes. The Wi-Fi password will then be changed immediately.

Once you’ve changed the password, the devices you’ve connected to that network may be disconnected. If this happens, you’ll need to reconnect them with the new password.

If you find yourself lost, contact your router’s manufacturer. If you received your router from your internet service provider, such as Spectrum or Xfinity, you can try contacting them as well.

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