Here's How You Can Hide From Anyone On Facebook

Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday today, but one particular part of the service has not evolved much over the years.

Adjusting privacy settings on Facebook can be a strenuous process — the options are located under several different menus and Facebook never specifies where these settings are located and who is watching you.

Despite that, here’s how you can change privacy settings on Facebook to make your page hard to find.

You don’t have to shut off/on all of these settings. These are just suggestions.

Log in to your Facebook account and click on the icon in upper-right corner. Go to Settings in the drop-down menu.

Here's the main menu for Settings. Click on Privacy.

You can change your Facebook privacy settings in three different ways.

You can control who can see your posts. They can be set as public or private.

If you wrote something embarrassing three years ago, you can limit past posts so it can be hard to find. This will save time instead of scrolling all the way down a page.

Control who can send you friend requests. It can be set as Everyone or Friends of Friends.

To filter inbox messages, choose Basic Filtering, which lets friends and family send messages. The next option is Strict Filtering, which forces messages from people you don't know to go directly to a folder named 'Other.'

This option makes it easy for anyone to look you up by your email address.

Facebook pages can appear in search engines. Toggle this option on/off to make sure your page doesn't appear in Google searches.

Now, scroll over to the left and go to the blocking option.

This is where you can make sure specific people have restricted access to your profile. Also, type a name or email into the Block User field to hide your profile from a person.

At the bottom of the page, you can block certain people from sending you app and event invites. Your profile is practically invisible now.

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