How to change your Alexa device’s language or accent in 5 simple steps

You can change Alexa’s language with a few taps. Caroline Cakebread/Business Insider
  • You can easily change Alexa’s language to the one that you are more comfortable interacting with.
  • Alexa has a default voice setting to speak in a female voice with a non-regional United States English dialect.
  • You can change Alexa’s language or accent, or choose a celebrity voice.
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After listening to Alexa’s dulcet tones in American English for a while, you might want to change it up.

Luckily, Alexa has multiple accent and language options built in that you can change for free.

These range from accented English to actual foreign languages such as Mexican Spanish, European Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and more.

Not only are there many options for accents, you can also change Alexa’s voice to a celebrity voice (including Samuel L. Jackson’s), though it will cost an additional fee.

Here’s how to change Alexa’s language.

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How to change Alexa’s language

1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.

2. Tap on “Devices” in the lower right corner of the bottom menu.

Tap on ‘Devices.’ Ryan Ariano/Business Insider

3. Tap on “Echo and Alexa.”

4. Tap on your Echo device within the app.

5. Scroll down to and tap on “Language” under “General.”

Tap ‘Language.’ Ryan Ariano/Business Insider

There are options to change to various English accents, as well as to change to whole non-English languages ranging from Spanish to Japanese.

You can choose the language you desire. Ryan Ariano/Business Insider

As mentioned, there are some celebrity voices such as Samuel L. Jackson’s that can be added to your Alexa. To have Alexa answer some requests and questions as Samuel L. Jackson, say “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.” It will then ask if you want him to use explicit language and finally it will confirm a purchase fee.

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