How to cancel subscriptions on an Android device using the Google Play Store

Crystal Cox/Business InsiderThe Google Play Store app’s settings houses the menu for managing your subscriptions.
  • You can cancel subscriptions on an Android device through the Google Play Store, where you can review and manage your device-based subscriptions.
  • If you want to cancel one or more of your subscriptions, you’ll need to locate it among the list under the “Subscriptions” menu in the store’s settings.
  • When you cancel your subscriptions, you can still use it until the last day of the month you’ve paid for.
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Nowadays, it’s not hard to find people with multiple subscription services. In fact, with all the gaming, music, TV, and film streaming content out there — not to mention health and food apps — it’s almost impossible not to be signed up for some form of monthly paid service.

Of course, keeping track of all of those subscriptions can be difficult, but Android’s Google Play Store makes it easier by giving you access to all of your subscriptions in one place within the app.

If you want to cancel a subscription, you can do it directly from the Google Play Store app, with no need to log in to the app itself.

When you cancel a subscription, you will still be able to use the service until the month you’ve already paid for runs out. After that, your access will end, and you will either no longer be able to use the service or revert to the app’s non-premium version.

Here’s how to cancel subscriptions in the Google Play Store

How to cancel subscriptions on an Android using the Google Play Store

1. In the Google Play app, tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner next to the search bar.

How to cancel subscriptions on Android 1Melanie Weir/Business InsiderTap the icon in the top right corner to open the menu.

2. From the menu, select Subscriptions.

How to cancel subscriptions on Android 2Melanie Weir/Business InsiderThis menu houses all of your device-based subscriptions.

3. Tap the name of the subscription you’d like to cancel.

4. Tap Cancel subscription and follow the app’s specific on-screen instructions to complete the process.

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