How to cancel your CBS All Access streaming subscription

Christina Reichl Photography/Getty ImagesYou’ll have to cancel CBS All Access from a web browser.
  • You can cancel a CBS All Access subscription with just a few clicks on the streaming service’s website.
  • CBS All Access is a subscription streaming service that costs $US5.99 per month for video streaming with commercials or $US9.99 per month for commercial-free access to CBS’ on-demand video content.
  • When you cancel, CBS might offer you a month of free service to entice you to keep subscribing.
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CBS All Access is one of many video streaming services vying for your money and attention — so much so that you might decide it’s not worth maintaining a subscription alongside Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and a half-dozen other resources for TV shows and movies.

If you just signed up for CBS All Access, you might be in the middle of a seven-day free trial, or you might be paying between $US5.99 and $US9.99 per month to access CBS’ catalogue of live and on-demand content.

Whether or not you’re actively being charged for the service, you can easily cancel CBS All Access from a browser with just a couple clicks.

How to cancel a CBS All Access subscription

1.Open CBS All Access in a web browser and sign into your account if you’re not already logged in.

2. Click your account name at the top right of the page and click “Account.”

Dave Johnson/Business InsiderStart the cancellation process by going to your account page.

3. In the Subscription & Billing section, click “Cancel Subscription.”

Dave Johnson/Business InsiderThe ‘Cancel Subscription’ link is easy to find on your account page.

4. You might see an offer to get free service to entice you to keep your subscription. If so, click “No Thanks” and then click “Yes, Cancel” to confirm that you really want to quit the service.

5. You can then complete the optional exit survey — and that’s it. You’ve cancelled CBS All Access.

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