How to cancel your Audible subscription on an iPhone

MichaelJayBerlin/ShutterstockYou can cancel Audible on an iPhone through a web browsing app.

Many of us have fallen victim to the ever-so-tempting siren song of a free trial.

One example: Amazon’s Audible, a subscription audiobook service that’s great for when you’re unmotivated to read, or staring down a long day of travel.

But sometimes our ambitious audiobook plans don’t go over so well. And in the end, you might want to cancel that Audible subscription before the free trial is even over.

If you want to cancel an Audible subscription that’s set to renew soon, but find yourself away from a computer, you can cancel via your iPhone – the process is slightly clunkier, but very much doable nonetheless.

Here are the steps you’ll need to cancel an Audible subscription from your iPhone’s Safari (or Google Chrome) browser.

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How to cancel your Audible subscription on an iPhone

1. Open your web browser of choice on your iPhone.

2. Go to

3. If you aren’t signed in, tap the three stacked lines in the top-left corner.

4. In the menu that opens, tap “Sign In.”

5. Log in with your Amazon account information.

6. Once signed in, tap the three stacked lines again and select “My Account” in the menu.

Emma Witman/Business, as an Amazon subsidiary, will use the same log in information as your Amazon account.

7. Tap “Membership details” and scroll to the bottom of your account details page to find and click “Cancel membership.”

Emma Witman/Business InsiderAs is the case with many subscriptions, you’ll likely be implored to not cancel, and dangled with the offer of continuing to subscribe at a lower monthly rate.

8. There will be a page prompting you to reconsider cancelling your membership. Hit the lower button that reads, “No thanks, continue cancelling.”

9. Pick a reason why you’re cancelling, then confirm with “Finish Cancelling” on the next screen.

Emma Witman/Business InsiderIf you’re successful at cancelling, there should be a new, green-tinted box appearing at the top of your membership details page confirming the cancelation.

10. You’ll know you’ve succeeded if you see a “We’re sorry to see you go” message has appeared at the top of your account’s details page.

11. You should receive an email telling you that your Audible subscription has been cancelled.

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