HOW TO: Buy Starbucks Coffee With Your iPhone

Starbucks launched its iPhone mobile payment service at each of its almost 7,000 retail locations today.

The app lets you load your Starbucks card credit to your iPhone to make payments from special scanners at each store.

The app also tracks your spending and offers you rewards like free coffee, but you can always opt out of registering if you don’t want to provide your billing information.

We went to our local Starbucks to test the app out, and aside from the fact we were asked to leave for filming, everything worked great.

Each register is equipped with a scanner and our barista seemed well-trained in what to do. She took our phone, scanned it, and our gift card balance instantly reflected the new purchase.

The Starbucks Mobile Card app is free in the App Store. Download it here.

Here's what the Starbucks app icon looks like. Tap to launch.

Enter your Starbucks card number and code. This can be found on the back of your card.

Hand your phone to the barista. He will scan the barcode and your balance will reflect the new purchase almost immediately. Tap the circle once the transaction is complete.

Check out the Starbucks Mobile Card app in action

Now enjoy a movie on your iPhone with your coffee

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