Get An Awesome Date Outfit For Less Than $US80

The guys over at L.A.-based clothing line Five Four have mastered the art of simple, classic and affordable clothes, which is perfect, because as guys, we don’t want to have to ponder the composition of our outfit too, too much. We just want to look dapper already.

Five Four obviously gets that. Their Five Four Club sends you clothing every month for only $US60. But this time, their creative director has picked out his two fave pieces from their latest collection, amounting to an effortless and stylish outfit that you can grab — club member or not — for only $US75.

Did we mention that shipping was free? Well, it is. The October Box includes the Dres Raphael Original Straight Denim, which on its own, usually retails for $US78 and is a great fitting dark jean.

Completing the outfit, the Blue Sweetzer button up is a great alternative to your plain old blue oxford, with its gingham pattern and black buttons. Plus, it retails for $US55 on Five Four’s website, so you basically get it for free with the Box.

Get Five Four’s October Box here for only $US75, free of shipping charges.

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This story was originally published by AskMen.

This story was originally published by AskMen.

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