How To Buy Your Way Into A Movie Or TV Role

KicktstarterKristen Bell appeared in a Kickstarter video begging fans to donate money for a “Veronica Mars” movie, in which the most generous donor will get a speaking role.The “Veronica Mars” Kickstarter campaign recently broke records for how quickly it raised its funding goals from fans’ online donations.

One way the people behind the TV show-turned-film bribed fans to donate was by offering them “freebies” for each amount donated.

Those who pledged $10 will be sent a pdf of the shooting script on the day of the movie’s release, but the one anonymous person who donated the largest amount — $10,000 or more — will receive the honour of a speaking role in the film.

The role is of waiter/waitress and as it explains on the Kickstarter project page:

Here’s the scene — Veronica is eating with the man in her life. Things have gotten tense between them. You are the waiter/waitress. You approach the table, and you say, “Your check, sir.”

We guarantee you will be on camera as you say the line. Unless you go all hammy and ruin the scene and we have to cut you out, but that would be a sad day for all of us. Just say the line. Don’t over-think it. You’re a waiter.

In addition to appearing in the movie, you’ll receive a framed copy of the page of the script that includes your line. You’ll get an invitation to the premiere and the after party. You are, after all, in the movie. You’ll also receive the signed movie poster, the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, the digital version of the movie, the T-shirt and a pdf of the shooting script.

Other sites, too, are capitalising on the general population’s desire to appear on-screen. is, according to their website, an organisation set up by established members of the film and entertainment industries to raise global awareness for charities founded by celebrities.

Entourage Adrien GrenierNormal people are paying abnormal amounts for walk-on roles on popular TV shows.

As explained on the site, wealthy individuals are able to get involved with movie production – from on-screen cameo and supporting roles in movies and owning a share of box office profits, and from having a speaking role in a movie to being fully involved as an executive producer.

Current items for sale include “a voiceover in a 3D animated project” for £250, an invite to a movie premiere for £50 and a week long set visit in London or L.A. for £500, among others. is another site devoted to creating “dream experiences” for people, but not just for the highest bidder.

These dream experiences can be anything from playing a doubles tennis match with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf or recording a song with Usher to making your TV debut with a walk-on role on USA TV show “White Collar.” They’ll even throw in airfare if you live outside of the L.A. area.

Here’s how it works: Donate $5 to be automatically entered for the opportunity to win. The more you donate, the better your chances of winning. The process works just like a charity raffle. Once the deadline to enter for the experience passes, they collect all the entries and select the winners through a computer generated random selection process.

“Walk-on parts are among our most popular experiences,” Omaze co-founder Matt Pohlson tells Business Insider. “We get thousands of people from all over the world entering and it generates an incredible amount of money for the causes.”

Roubeena Jeetah and her mother, Titrarecah, won an Omaze raffle for a walk-on TV role after donating just $10 to Young Storytellers Foundation.

After travelling all the way from Mauritius, they soon found themselves at the infamous “MacLaren’s Pub” with the cast of “How I Met Your Mother.”


How I Met Your Mother set visit

Others have found themselves rubbing elbows with Matt Bomer on the set of “White Collar.”

Omaze White Collar

While sites like Omaze open up dream roles to the general public, the wealthy can often still purchase walk-on roles at charity auctions.

But it isn’t cheap.

Bill Thompson from Young Storytellers Foundation tells Business Insider “Many of our supporters in entertainment have donated walk-on parts, and they typically raise anywhere from $5,000-$15,000.”

The amount is on par with the minimum $10,000 donated by a “Veronica Mars” fan for that waiter or waitress role in the upcoming film, but still a lot more than Roubeena Jeetah’s $10.

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