LINKEDIN POWER USER: '95% Of My Business Comes From Connections'

Thubten Comerford

Thubten Comerford, CEO of WePost Media and one of the 30 most connected people on LinkedIn, says up to 95% of his business revenue has come from the professional network.

“Nearly all of the clients we have served have either found us on LinkedIn, found our web site on my LinkedIn profile, or have heard about us from someone whom I know through LinkedIn,” Comerford said.

He only knows 2% of his 30,000-person-plus network well and another 3% casually. He’s connected to the rest for strategic reasons.

Comerford’s company, WePost, is a brand development and reputation management consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. 

His own LinkedIn experience had a rocky start. 

“In the beginning [when] I sent out invitations, it pulled my Outlook address book in, and invitations went out to 2,400 people in there, most of whom were not going to be interested in joining LinkedIn.” Comerford tells Business Insider.

But he soon hit his stride.

“Most of the people I’m connected to have invited me to connect with them,” Comerford says. 

Comerford warns not to “pad” your profile with inauthentic information, adding that potential connections are keen at spotting dishonesty.

He also discussed how some people shouldn’t be afraid to connect with people they don’t know personally.

“This all has to do with mindset. If someone connects with someone they already know, their opportunities will be fewer. If you’re connecting with people who you don’t necessarily know, but they are well connected themselves, and you tailor your profile, then you’re more likely to have those opportunities show up.”

While Comerford says he knows about 20 of the top 100 most connected LinkedIn users, he said that he would relish in the opportunity to network with more on a personal level. 

“I would like to see a conference of some sort of the most connected people on LinkedIn, perhaps the top 500 people or so,” he says. “LinkedIn is incredibly valuable, an incredibly valuable resource.”

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