4 Ways To Bounce Back After Being Fired

So you’ve been fired. It’s unfortunate, but rest assured: it happens to the best of us.

In uncertain economic times, sometimes the budget dictates staffing more than talent does. How do you pick yourself up and get back in the job search saddle?

Follow these four crucial steps to regain your job mojo within a month:

1. Evaluate

An important first step after being fired is to evaluate yourself and where you stand. Take a look in the mirror and think about the work you’ve done for the organisation, how successful it was and why you are valuable.

Then, reach out to colleagues or an HR representative from your former company and ask for their feedback. Why were you let go? How can you improve your work? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This internal and external feedback on your performance is essential to help you evaluate where you stand and what you have to offer a new employer as you start your job search.

2. Update

However long you were at your prior company, chances are that something on your resume needs updating. While your resume, cover letter and other application materials should certainly be tailored for each and every position (no cookie cutter applications!), certain things will stay constant across the board in your job search.

Update your resume to reflect your most recent work experience, and be sure to update your LinkedIn and other social networks as well. Also ask for recommendations from your previous employer, if the situation warrants it.

3. Network

Networking: the Holy Grail of the job search. The more people you know, and the more people who know you’re looking for a job, the better.

So get out and get connected to everyone and anyone. Use LinkedIn, local professional events, past contacts and all other resources at your disposal to build your professional network. Remember, networking is about creating a mutually beneficial relationship, so be sure to think about how you can help people, too.

4. organise

Staying organised can make or break your job search. Looking for work is a full-time job (plus overtime!), but if you want to bounce back in as little time as possible, you need to be on top of everything.

Believe it or not, Excel can be your best friend during a job search. Use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of everywhere you apply, with websites, contact information, feedback and the dates you applied and followed up. You can also check out these browser extensions for help keeping yourself organised.

The more organised you are in this process, the faster you will be able to get back in the game.

Have you ever been fired? How did you bounce back?

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