How To Keep Following Someone, But Block Their Awful Retweets

Splat-F’s Dan Frommer makes a great point: some people stink at re-tweeting.

In a post, he cites five particularly egregious sins:

  • “Retweeting positive mentions of your company/book/show/startup investments often enough that it becomes obnoxious.”
  • “Retweeting random fans who are pathetic enough to ask for a retweet. (Celebrities are especially bad with this. You’re so funny and composed, why ruin it?)”
  • “Retweeting five things — including three I’ve already seen — for every original/personal idea you post.”
  • “Retweeting someone else’s link to your blog post seconds after you posted a tweet linking to the same post.”

Fortunately, there is a way to keep following someone but block their awful re-tweets.

Here’s how.

Step One: Go to that person’s Twitter page (you must be logged-in).

Block RTs

Step Two: Click on the drop down menu next to “following,” the one with the shadow figure on it. Hover over “turn off retweets.” Click! You’re done.

Blocked RTs

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