HOW TO: Block Google (And Everybody) From Tracking Which Sites You Visit On Your iPhone

Google fear scream

The Internet has erupted in fury at Google’s latest boneheaded move.

The details are complicated, but in basic terms, Google used a sneaky trick to bypass the default privacy settings on the iPhone and iPad.

As a result, Google could have tracked users’ activity as they moved between different Web sites — not just Google sites.

This understandably freaked some people out. Google has now stopped.

But there are actually a few easy steps you can take to make sure that NOBODY — not Google, not ad networks, not anybody else — can track which Web sites you visit on your iPhone or iPad.

Here are the steps.

5. It should look like this. Now you're browsing the web in private mode. That means the browser won't store any of your data -- which sites you visited, log-in info for any site, and so on. But you're not done...

8. Now, turn off JavaScript. It should look like this. (Google's trick used JavaScript to auto-fill a form so it seemed like you had visited the ad network's site even when you hadn't).

9. Finally, you might want turn pop-ups off. It doesn't affect your privacy, but those things are just annoying!

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