How to hide your caller ID on an iPhone in 3 ways, either temporarily or permanently

You can block your caller ID on an iPhone in three ways. Hollis Johnson
  • Knowing how to block your iPhone’s caller ID allows you to place calls without the recipient knowing what number is trying to reach them.
  • You can block your iPhone’s caller ID for a single call, or (depending on the carrier you use) you can change your phone’s settings to always mask your phone number.
  • Some phones are programmed not to accept calls from blocked numbers, so make sure you know how to turn caller ID block off if you plan to start using it regularly.
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There are lots of reasons you might want to mask your iPhone’s number before placing a call.

You might be trying to surprise a significant other, or you might be trying to call a company that you’d rather not record your number so you can avoid future calls coming back your way.

Whatever your reason for wanting to block caller ID on an iPhone, you have three different ways to do so, and each has different benefits and drawbacks.

How to block the caller ID on an iPhone with *67

The quickest way to block your iPhone’s caller ID is to use the *67 trick, which is referred to as “star six seven” for reference. This method has the benefit of being temporary, allowing you to block only singular calls, but it also requires you to enter in a code before each call, which can be time consuming.

1. Open the iPhone’s Phone app.

2. Type “*67” and then enter the rest of the number normally.

Add *67 to the number you’re calling to block your caller ID. Steven John/Business Insider

3. Place the call.

And for the record, using *67 is free. Contrary to a common misconception, there is no charge for using this technique to block your call.

How to block the caller ID on an iPhone permanently

If you wish to block your number all the time, you may be able to change the settings to always mask your number.

That is, unless your carrier is Verizon or Sprint. On iPhones with Verizon or Sprint as the carrier, the options detailed below aren’t available..

1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app.

2. Scroll down to the Phone tab and tap it.

Open the ‘Phone’ tab in your settings. Steven John/Business Insider

3. Tap the “Show My Caller ID” tab.

4. Toggle the button my “Show My Caller ID” off (so it’s white instead of green).

How to block your iPhone’s caller ID permanently through your carrier

If you have a good reason for your caller ID to always be blocked – maybe you’re a private detective or something – then you can have it done by contacting your service provider directly and requesting the change.

Contact your cell provider and ask about permanent caller ID blocking, but also make sure to check if there are added expenses for the anonymity.

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