How To Block Annoying People Tweeting About The Royal Wedding


The royal wedding is tomorrow.

It will be on every news channel, every live stream, and every blog.

And everyone you know will be tweeting about it.

If you’re like us, you’ll be doing everything you can to avoid the royal wedding coverage.

Here’s a neat trick to temporarily block people tweeting too much about the big event:

There’s a Google Chrome extension called Proxlet that gives you a ton of control over what shows up in your Twitter feed.

You can block tweets from certain users, applications, and annoying hash tags.

Even though this is a Chrome-only extension, your settings will still apply to third party apps like TweetDeck or Twitter for iPhone.

We tried out Proxlet and it worked great. It integrates seamlessly with Twitter (make sure you have New Twitter enabled) and gives you options to block users for a set time frame.

To get started, open Chrome and download the extension here. Then head to and log in.

You'll receive this confirmation that Proxlet has been installed. Click the X to close the pop up.

Choose who you would like to block and mouse over their tweet. You'll see a new Proxlet link next to the normal Twitter functions. Click it.

You now have the option to block the user for a day, week, or forever. You can also block apps or hash tags that appear in the Tweet. In this case, we have the option to block Instagram. We're going to block our colleague Joe for one day.

You'll receive this pop up confirmation that the block worked. Click OK. Now the blocked user won't show up in your Twitter feed for 24 hours. It also applies to third party apps like TweetDeck.

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