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We love talking about gambling stories and explaining all about different bets you can make on Super Bowl Sunday. But if you’re wondering how you can gamble without travelling to Vegas, here’s your guide.There are tons of great and secure ways to place bets from the comfort of your own home. Some of the more popular sites are and, but the only credit card they’ll accept is Visa.

We went to another well-known site,, which is featured in the betting pages of USA Today and Yahoo! Sports, and accepts a whole host of payment methods.

Follow along as we make our Super Bowl bet.

If you want to use anything other than a Visa card, you'll have to head over to and are bigger, but the two only accept Visa. We had a Mastercard.

Now choose your payment method. We went with credit card.

Fill in your credit card information

Take down your account ID # and make sure you get that confirmation e-mail

Now choose what kind of bet you want to make

What kind of bets can you make?

A 'straight bet' is just your average, everyday, standard bet.

An 'if win' bet, has you placing money on two different bets. If the first one loses the bet ends and you lose only the money you placed on the first part of the wager. If the first bet wins, you take that money and activate the second bet. This gives you the opportunity for bigger winnings on smaller risk.

A 'reverse bet' also has you placing money on two different bets, but activates if you win either one of your two bets.

A 'parlay bet' has you betting on two or more outcomes. You only win money if you win all your bets, but the money increases exponentially as you place more bets in the parlay.

A 'round robin bet' is a series of multi-team parlays.

Select the NFL – and Super Bowl props! – so you can choose among the full slate of possible bets

Check back on Thursday as we take you through some of the best prop bets out there.

The Steelers are our early favourite. And, of course, heads is easy money.

Now make sure to look at the different lines you can choose from. Just remember to pay attention to those -110 numbers

That negative number tells you how much money you need to bet, in order to win $100. If the number is positive, it tells you how much money your $100 bet earns you, if you win.

There's a $10 minimum. So you have to place a bet where you risk at least $10 and can win at least $10

That's it, you're all set.

Now that you're ready to bet. See which companies gambled poorly and what to do with your winnings...

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