INSTANT MBA: Be Consistent If You want To Turn Your Business Into A Franchise

Mike Mooslin

Photo: Mike Mooslin

Today’s advice comes from Mike Mooslin, President of colour Me Mine:“Consistency is probably more important than anything else, next to location. That’s what gives your brand acceptability and trust and credibility.”

In 1998, Mooslin started working at colour Me Mine, a paint your own pottery franchise, when the company only had three locations. Today they have more than 140 locations.

Mooslin advises any business striving to become a franchise to maintain consistency because if all of your stores promise the same look, feel and service, your customer’s expectations will always be met.

He says a business will know when they are ready to become a franchise when it has an established formula or business model that makes sense. This will lay the groundwork for the consistency necessary for it to succeed as a franchise. 

“Denny’s is going to have good coffee and cold eggs, but it’s going to be the same at every Denny’s you go to across the country. You deliver on the expectation and your ability to deliver on the expectation means you’re absolutely consistent all the time. You never want to create more expectation and deliver below that expectation.”

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