163 Ways To Win At Life In Your 20s, According To A 30-Year-Old Who Sold A Startup For Lots Of Cash

John brennanLinkedInJohn Brennan

John Brennan just turned 30. During his 20s, he founded and sold a startup, BuzzTable, to Sysco Foods for an undisclosed sum, likely a few million dollars.

As Brennan described it to ┬áBusiness Insider in an email, “It’s enough to take some time off to recharge and give back to the startup/int’l development communities, but you wont see me in a private jet anytime soon.”

Brennan learned a lot about business and life during his 20s and wanted to help other early-stage entrepreneurs figure everything out. So he wrote down all his advice in a 163-slideshow presentation.

“Most people do something crazy after they sell a company/turn 30,” Brennan tells Business Insider. “I chose to write about everything I’ve learned this past decade with the intention that others could benefit.”

Here’s Brennan’s advice on business, relationships, investing, and health. The first section covers all business advice. The second section, which begins on slide 91, covers life advice.

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