DAVID SEAMAN: How To Be Insanely Successful

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A reader suggested I do an article on how, exactly, I created a successful Internet business from scratch. (Since its inception in 2009, Credit Card Outlaw — which I founded — has helped more than 2.3 million consumers… and here you thought I was just some shrill political commentator!)I decided to do a video on the topic of how to be successful, in general. These are BROAD, big concepts that apply not only to making money or launching a successful Internet business, but to accomplishing whatever it is you want to become “the best” at — even if it has nothing to do with making money. And this is awesome: once you learn how to be successful at one thing, you can usually replicate the same process again and again, even in different areas of your life. Like an insane, success-drunk robot.

Mentioned in the piece: Richard Branson’s success, the outrageously humble beginnings of billionaire Felix Dennis, copping an intriguing idea I gleaned from a Tyler Durden/RSD video, and some personal anecdote goodness! I also explain why I am grateful — seriously grateful — that my company was unsuccessful during its first two years of existence.

Anyway… I hope you genuinely enjoy this clip. Let me know what you think on Google+ or in Twitter land. It’s pretty unusual for me to do a video where I offer advice. Don’t get used to it! I prefer to rant about political topics.

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