How To Be Huge On Reddit

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Reddit is the Internet’s “hivemind” in its purest form.

It lets users decide what links from around the Web are most important, interesting, funny, or weird by making a simple decision: do you want to vote this up or down?

Actually submitting a post to the site is a bit more intimidating. What if people don’t like it? In moments, a bad post can be shot down by dozens of people, never to be seen again.

Want your Reddit post to go viral? Here are some tips and tricks that have been proven to be hits with the Reddit community.

Everyone on Reddit has an opinion, so posts that encourage discussion tend to do pretty well.

Reddit users love it when celebrities post inside jokes for their fans.

If there's anything that gets Reddit riled up, it's a political post about the war on drugs. This guy gets bonus points for working in religion and science.

When in doubt, don't try to make a new meme. Your idea is probably terrible.

If you're linking to a video or a long article, include an interesting fact that Redditors would get out of looking into it.

Nothing gets upvotes like controversy. This guy managed to find a quote by Osama bin Laden that people actually see as correct.

If you can melt Reddit users' hearts with a touching, personal link, chances are that they will reward you.

Reddit users are a nostalgic bunch. They love rare things that remind them of their shared memories

Even a Wikipedia article can be interesting if you find something that surprises people.

Linking to the latest stories about hot-button issues generally does the trick. Two of these even link to the same thing and did well.

Linking to a press release is generally a bad move. Reddit doesn't like marketing.

If you're going to post a picture, at least try to be funny or interesting.

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