Use These Tips To Be Happier At Work

Are you happy with your job? If yes, then you’re actually in the minority — less than half, 47.7 per cent, of Americans are satisfied with their jobs according to this infographic compiled by Happify, a website and app that provides psychology-games to increase happiness.

One of the ways you can find happiness at work is to engage in the type of activities that are meaningful to you. And when you do this, you might even discover that you’re more productive. In fact, the infographic states that happy workers are 31 per cent more productive than unhappy workers.

You can also increase your happiness at your desk by leading a more fulfilling life outside of the office. If your job is particularly stressful, try out some stress-relieving activities like Yoga. A happier you at home makes a more productive you in the office. Happify has other keys to achieving happiness at work in this infographic:

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