HOW TO: Backup And Restore Your Gmail And Google Apps

Spanning Backup

Photo: Spanning Backup

Google appears impervious to failure, but as we learned last week with the Gmail debacle, mistakes can still happen and data can get lost.We told you how to back up your Gmail using Backupify, but since then the service has encountered a backlog, causing delays.

If this happened to you, try an alternative service.

Spanning Backup is a backup solution to help you backup and restore lost Google Docs, Calendars, Contacts, and we are sure there will be more options to come.

In its current state, Spanning Backup is a simple way to get some peace of mind.

Spanning Backup automatically backs up your Calendars, Documents, and Contacts every day

In the Settings pane, you can customise your backup

Wait a few minutes as Spanning Backup copies your data to its servers.

Now you must choose which data to restore, giving you the option to only restore certain files if need be.

So now that you've backed up your Google Calendars, Docs, and Contacts

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