Here's How You Can Back Up Your Entire Facebook To Your Computer

facebook scream

Your Facebook holds a lot of personal information.

Everything from your photos, virtual likes, status updates, and more are contained within the social network.

In case the worst happens, you can back up all this stuff to your computer for safe keeping. Facebook makes it easy. 

We’ll show you how it’s done.

After you log in head to the arrow next to your name and click on 'Account Settings'

At the bottom of 'Account Settings' you'll see a link that says 'Download A Copy Of Your Facebook Data.' Click it.

This is the Download Your Information page. Click the green 'Start My Archive' button to begin.

This pop up comes up alerting you that it may take a while depending on how much information you have stored in there. Click again to proceed.

Acknowledge that you will receive an email at your associated address.

Here you can check up on the status. It took us about 30 minutes to receive the email from Facebook.

Here is what the email looks like. Click the link to be taken back to Facebook's download page.

Re-enter your password...

Click 'Download and Archive' and you're done! Now your Facebook is backed up. Facebook warns you to protect this archive because of all the personal information it contains.

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