How To Keep Sending Facebook Messages Without Downloading Messenger

Facebook recently removed messaging from its main app, forcing users to download a separate app called Messenger if they want to continue sending and receiving messages on their phone.

Messenger has been around for a while, with Facebook heavily advertising it in its main app, too, but now if you try to access a message in the main app, you will be directed to install Messenger.

Facebookers have been pretty upset about the change. Facebook is essentially forcing users to download a separate app to do something that’s been included in Facebook all along.

All you need to do is check out the new app’s reviews to see that Facebook users are not happy with the change.

But we’re here with some good news. There is still a super simple way to access your Facebook messages on your phone without downloading Messenger: by using your mobile browser. Just go to using your phone’s web browser, and while you’ll still see the advertisements for Messenger, you’ll be able to send and receive messages just like you would on a desktop.

Sure it’s still annoying that while browsing through Facebook’s app, you’d have to open up your browser to message a friend. But at least this way you won’t have to cave to Facebook’s pressure and take up more space on your phone with a separate app.

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