How To Let Employers Know You're Interested In A Job On LinkedIn Without Applying

According to a CareerBuilder study, 70% of employed people are actively looking for a job at any given time, but in the networking era, there are several tactics you can use to open career opportunities without explicitly verbalizing that you’re looking for a job.

Today, jobseekers can use LinkedIn for a variety of professional reasons, such as connecting with others in your industry. Like all networking platforms, LinkedIn allows you to casually keep tabs on people, but since it’s a professional network, it also allows you to strategically place yourself on the radar of potential employers.

In this interview, we speak to Rick Gillis, author of the book “Job!: Learn How to Find Your Next Job In 1 Day, ” on how to let employers know you’re interested in a job without actually applying and ways you can position yourself as a top candidate.

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