How To Add Google+ To Your Mac’s Menubar


These days, I keep multiple browsers open so I can keep track of all my work and personal items.

As a staff member of WonderHowTo, a lot of my work is done through our Google Account, which is separate from my personal Google Account.

I really dislike the way Google currently handles having multiple accounts open, so I’ve resolved that issue by using Chrome for work matters, and Firefox for my Google+ account. This way, the two accounts don’t conflict with each other, and I can get my work done with a minimum of fuss. Lately, though, it’s been irritating using two different browsers, so I’ve been searching for a better solution. 

I came across the Tab for Google+ app today, and decided to try it out. There is a free version, and a pro version, which does not have ads, and gives you the ability to chat. (Currently the pro version is only $0.99.) Created by FIPLAB, a company that creates beautiful and viral mobile applications, Tab for Google+ lets you replace your Google+ browser tab by putting your Google+ account in your menubar. 

I tested out the free version (note: free for a limited time only), and downloaded it from the Mac App Store.

Tab for Google+ was easy to install. It downloaded quickly, and opened in the Launchpad when completed. All you have to do is click on the Tab for G+ icon, and it opens up the Google+ login on the top right menu task bar.

Tab for Google+ asks if you want to run the program when you log onto your computer. This feature is convenient if you like to be on Google+ all the time. If you change your mind about this setting, you can go to Preferences and reverse your decision.

The Tab for Google+ app basically looks like your mobile Google+ app. It’s the same size and shape, and although you have the option of viewing the app in Desktop mode, I don’t recommend it, since the view is skewed. It’s really easy to scroll down your stream, view comments, view individual people’s posts, and post comments. 

Overall, I really like this app, but I don’t think it’s going to replace my Firefox browser just yet. I had issues trying to retrieve my circles, and I was unable to click on any link to open it. Clicking on individual people worked fine, but clicking on posts did not work.

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