iOS 14 allows users to customise the iPhone's home screen more than ever before with widgets. Here's how to do it.

AppleiOS 14.
  • Apple just released iOS 14, the newest software update for iPhones.
  • Adding widgets to customise iPhone home screens was one of the most anticipated updates.
  • The top three free apps in the App Store on Monday were widget-creation apps.
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Apple just released iOS 14, with some major updates to home-screen organisation, plus all kinds of improvements to Messages, Siri, and more.

Widgets are the newest and easiest way to customise the iPhone in ways that were previously exclusive to Android users. They can be different sizes and pinned to the home screen for easy access.

The new customisation options have been well received by iPhone users. Some apps allow further customisation of different widgets, and they have shot up in popularity: The top three free apps in the App Store on Monday were widget editors, beating out even the popular social-video app TikTok.

Soon after iOS 14 became available last week, several videos popped up showing people how to make their screens “aesthetic.”

Changing your home screen with widgets is relatively simple. Here’s how to do it.

To start, long-press anywhere on the home screen until all the apps start bouncing slightly.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets on an iPhone home screen.

Tap the plus button in the upper left-hand corner.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

This will bring up a screen with widget options from Apple and third-party apps on the phone that have widgets.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

Several built-in apps, like Music, Clock, and Weather, come with widget options.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

Selecting Batteries, for example, brings up a sample of what small, medium, and large versions of the widget look like. Swipe between them, and if one looks good tap “add widget.”

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

I added the medium battery widget so I can quickly check the levels of my phone and AirPods while I work.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

The other way to add widgets is through a third-party app like Widgetsmith, now the top free app in the App Store. Widgetsmith’s options encompass basics like calendar, health, and weather, though some require a premium version of the app.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

WidgetSmith has far more customisation options than native Apple widgets. In both, you can select which size you prefer.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

Widgetsmith also allows users to choose displays and fonts.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

With options for text and background colours too, there are hundreds of combinations.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

Adding widgets from Widgetsmith works exactly the same as adding others. Long-press, tap the plus button, and select the widget creation.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

You aren’t stuck with the first widgets you add. To edit or remove them, just treat them like an app, with a long press.

Mary MeisenzahlWidgets.

Of course, half the point of customising the home screen is to show it off.

People embraced all sorts of aesthetics to make phone screens their own.

Some people posted about spending hours redesigning their screens.

I didn’t spend hours, but I did make my home screen easier to use and a little better to look at.

Mary Meisenzahl

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