How to add a smart stack to your iPhone's home screen with iOS 14, and get a revolving window of useful apps

Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesSmart stacks are easy to add and edit.
  • To add a smart stack on your iPhone, tap and hold on any blank space on your home screen, and then tap the plus icon.
  • Adding a smart stack to your iPhone’s home screen will give you easy access to the weather, your calendar, music, and more.
  • You can remove unwanted widgets from a smart stack by tapping and holding it, then choosing “Edit Stack” from the menu.
  • Smart stacks are exclusive to iPhones running iOS 14 and newer.
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If you’ve upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14, you may have discovered that there’s a new emphasis on widgets. You can now add them to any page, alongside your usual apps and folders.

One type of widget is the “smart stack,” which is actually made of several different widgets that you can flip between manually, or let your iPhone change automatically based on the time of day and your behaviour.

Adding a smart stack only takes a few taps, but you have a few options for customising it.

How to add a smart stack to your iPhone’s home screen

1. Go to the page on your iPhone where you’d like to add a smart stack, and then tap and hold any blank spot on the screen until the icons start to jiggle.

How to add a smart stack on iPhone 1Dave Johnson/Business InsiderTap and hold a blank part of the screen to edit your page and add widgets.

2. Tap the plus sign at the top-left of the screen.

3. In the Widget pop-up, scroll down and tap “Smart Stack.”

How to add a smart stack on iPhone 2Dave Johnson/Business InsiderSmart stacks are just another kind of widget you can add from the Widgets page.

4. Choose the size of the widget you want to add, then tap “Add Widget.”

5. The smart stack should appear in the top-right of your page. To move it, hold your finger down on it for a moment, then drag it around.

6. Once you swipe up from the bottom of your screen or press your home button so the apps stop jiggling, the widget will be ready to use.

How to edit your smart stack

1. Tap and hold a smart stack until the pop-up menu appears.

2. Tap “Edit Stack.”

How to add a smart stack on iPhone 3Dave Johnson/Business InsiderTo modify your smart stack, choose ‘Edit Stack’ from the pop-up menu.

3. If you want the widgets in the stack to “rotate” to show the most appropriate one based on time of day and what you’re doing, turn on Smart Rotate by swiping the button to the right. It should be on by default.

4. You can rearrange widgets by using the drag bars on the right to move them up or down in the list.

5. If you don’t want a widget in the smart stack, swipe it to the left and tap “Delete.”

How to add a smart stack on iPhone 4Dave Johnson/Business InsiderYou can remove unwanted widgets from your smart stack.
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