Recruiter Shares How To Ace 'behavioural' Interview Questions

Jamie BertoneJamie Bertone

Photo: Jamie Bertone

One of the most popular interview methods is the “behavioural” technique, which is where interviewers try to predict what type of worker you are by prying into your past experiences. To gain a better understanding of this technique, we turned to Jamie Bertone, recruiting director at the insurance company Progressive, who told us the best way for candidates to perform well in these types of interviews is to have a multitude of stories ready that they can easily reference and share with the interviewer.

For example, if the interviewer asked how you would handle a specific situation if it were to happen, if you’re sufficiently prepared, you would have a story ready and say, “Hey, I already know how to handle this situation because it actually happened,” Bertone told us.

This is basically called the STAR technique — first, you think of a situation/task, then tell the action you took to deal with the situation/task and finally, the result of that action. 

Other types of interviewing techniques include “panel,” where multiple people interview one person; “resume,” where the interviewer asks questions based only on the resume; and “free form,” where the questions tend to be more creative in style. For example, a “free form” interview question could be “What kind of tree are you?”

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