How to access iCloud Drive on an iPhone with the Files app, so you can work on and save documents across your Apple devices

Getty ImagesIt’s easy to access iCloud Drive on your iPhone once you’ve enabled it.

Apple’s iCloud can be a lifesaver.

Whether it’s the helpful chirp of the Find My iPhone app, or the reassurance of knowing your photos are backed up and safe,iCloud houses functions we’ve all needed before.

You can also use the iCloudDrive as part of iCloud, which allows you to access documents and files across your devices, from a Mac computer to an iPad or iPhone.

With a few easy steps and an up-to-date operating system, you can set up and access your iCloudDrive on your iPhone through the Files app.

Here’s how to do it.

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How to access your iCloudDrive on an iPhone

You’ll first need to enable the iCloud Drive within iCloud.

1. Tap the Settings app.

2. Press the button at the very top. You should see your name above the words “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store.”

3. Tap “iCloud.”

4. Below the “Apps Using iCloud” section, toggle the “iCloud Drive” button toward the green for “On,” if it isn’t already.

Emma Witman/Business InsiderScroll past the initial lineup of ‘Apps Using iCloud’ until you spot the iCloud Drive, and turn it on.

5. Now that the Drive has been enabled, you can access files in your iCloud using the Files app.

How to access your iCloud Drive through the Files app

1. Open the Files app.

2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner to open a drop down menu. Select “Edit.”

3. Use the slider to enable iCloud Drive in the Files app.

Emma Witman/Business InsiderMake sure iCloud Drive is turned on in your Files app.

4. You’ll now be able to access your iCloud Drive documents and files.

Emma Witman/Business InsiderYou can sort files in the iCloud Drive within the Files app as you prefer, including by kind of file, date added, or file name.

In addition to your iCloud Drive, you can also access your Google Drive and Dropbox files in the Files app, as long as you set up and connect those apps.

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