How this couple saved enough to pay for their own wedding while living in New York City

“Twine-namic Duos” is presented by Twine. Joe & Mo save a significant amount of their income each month. This allowed them to pay for their own wedding and their cat’s expensive $US12,000 surgery, all while living in New York City. Following is a transcript of the video.

Mo:I mean, I save like crazy. I save over a quarter of what I make, basically, per month. I think that has been the smartest thing, just because, for example, we had an emergency where our cat almost died. That was like $US12,000, and it was so much nicer to just be able to be like, “OK, you, know, this is really tight for us, but like, we can make sure our cat doesn’t die.” It’s really nice to have – we paid for our wedding almost entirely ourselves.

Joe:Yeah, that was very smart, yeah.

Mo:And we still have like a buffer.

Joe:Yeah, I mean, like we talk about since we got married or started living together, it’s just a fact of like, these disasters or these things like – getting married wasn’t a disaster – but paying for a wedding. Excuse me, financially paying for a wedding is known for being incredibly difficult and you don’t want to start off your marriage in debt. And then we had the emergency with the cat like almost a year later. And that was like, that could have financially screwed us up. I mean, you don’t want to be starting off your life together then just being like, “Oh, should we open a credit card and max it out to survive?” That seems like – so yeah, saving and having that cushion for those emergencies was probably the smartest thing we’ve done.

Mo:This is why I’m the CFO of our marriage.

Joe:If it was me, I’d have been toast.

Mo:I actually get on him for it too. I’m like, how much money did you save?


Mo:Like I ask, I give quarterly check-ins.

Joe:And I’m like, ah, none.

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