This couple created a money challenge to help them save despite their very different spending habits

“Twine-namic Duos” is presented by Twine. Shareef and Symone created an annual money challenge. Every week they save money in intervals of five, starting at $US5 the first week, $US10 the second week, and continuing throughout the year. This helps them save money in a joint bank account to achieve shared goals.

Symone:I’ll let you answer that because you actually …

Shareef:What we – what one of the smartest things we did, we’ve done with our money was – so, every year, we started a tradition where we do a money challenge. So every year – once a week, we would put a certain amount of money into the bank.

Symone:In intervals of five.

Shareef:Into a bank, in intervals of five. So it goes, week one is $US5, week two is $US10, and the goal is to make it to the end of the year. And we used that collectively to start a joint bank account.

Symone:The biggest challenge I’ve had is no more spending. I’m more the, “Oh, I like this, I want to get this.” And he’s more of the, “Well how much is it? No, I’m not buying that. I’ll go to another store, or just won’t get it at all.” So his ways have been rubbing off on me, because he’s constantly telling me like, we need to like, continually save a lot more. And I’ve lessened, I think, but …

Shareef:She’s trying.

Symone:Key word: trying.

Shareef: I can say that, she’s trying so … I mean, I’m pretty frugal with my money, so like, I don’t like to spend money on certain things that I think are not worth it. So, that’s me. My biggest thing with money is not letting her take all my money. That’s really – ’cause my money goes – I don’t spend money on myself, really, so a lot of times when I do spend money, it’s something for her. So yeah.

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