How One Of The Worst Stock Markets In The World Will Raise The Most IPO Money

Shanghai Night

China’s Securities Regulatory Commission has announced that China raised a whopping $31.8 billion in IPOs so far this year, which is the highest amount yet for China this century according to Bloomberg.

China is also on track to be the world’s largest IPO market this year since the $31.8 billion figure doesn’t even include the $19.2 billion IPO of Agricultural Bank of China.


“The rising interest in the small and medium board in Shenzhen and ChiNext definitely pushed the booming IPO market,” said Wesley Li, an analyst at research company ChinaVenture. “The regulator has also become more skillful in controlling the rhythm of approving new IPOs.”

Most of the IPOs in the first half were from companies selling shares on the small and medium-sized board and the ChiNext startup board, said CSRC’s Tong. Both markets are based in Shenzhen, a city in southern China.

What’s odd though is that China’s stock market was the worst performing in Asia and one of the worst in the entire world. Yet somehow it raised the most money from investors for IPOs.

DOWN: Chongqing Water (601158 CH)

Source: Google Finance

DOWN: Huatai Securities (601688 CH)

Source: Google Finance

SLIGHTLY UP: Easy Money Information Co (300059 CH)

Source: Bloomberg

SLIGHTLY DOWN: China First Heavy Industries (601106 CH)

Source: Google Finance

DOWN: China XD Electric (601179 CH)

Source: Google Finance

BASICALLY FLAT: Agricultural Bank of China (601288 CH)

Source: Google Finance

DOWN: Hong Kong: United Company RUSAL (486 HK)

Source: Google Finance

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