How The World's Newspapers Said Goodbye To Steve Jobs This Morning

steve jobs san francisco examiner

Covering the passing of Steve Jobs is a delicate matter.

Newspapers around the country handled it in different ways.

From old photos to dramatic cover lines, there were as many options as there were papers.

West coast publications specifically did a nice job honouring the legend.

We posted some of the best.

Thanks to Newseum and Pat’s Papers for putting them all together. You can see more on the site.

The Los Angeles Times went simple.

The Press Democrat opted for a dramatic silhouette.

The Union-Tribune also went basically black and white.

The San Francisco Examiner chose to make a big statement.

The Daily news took a more long-term view.

The Denver Post used a familiar shape to highlight Jobs.

The Star Advertiser dedicated its entire front page to the Apple co-founder.

The New York Post stayed classy.

The Seattle Times was more colourful than most.

The Wall Street Journal went full obit.

How about a little YouTube?

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