How The T-Mobile Girl Would Look If She Were In A Union

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) has released a T-Mobile ad spoof to protest the company’s recent decision to shut down seven U.S. calling centres in June, cutting 3,300 jobs.

The video stars a T-Mobile girl look-alike (ish), and features the girl in pink getting the pink slip. The CWA parody, called “No More Nice T-Mobile,” parodies the company’s new “Alter Ego” ad, in which the good-girl-in-pink transforms into a motorcycle-riding-girl-in-black-leather.

A press release explains: “The Communications Workers of America is working in communities where T-Mobile USA is shutting call centres to spotlight the company’s abuse of taxpayer dollars and its failed business plan. As part of this plan, T-Mobile has outsourced more than 6,000 jobs to Honduras and the Philippines.”

Click here to meet T-Mobile’s real girl in pink, Carly Foulkes>

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