How The NFL Network Is Killing NFL Films

NFL instant replay

Photo: AP

When the NFL Network was founded eight years ago, it had the built-in advantage of already owning the great sports movie library ever constructed.NFL Films has been archiving the history of the league for decades, providing the greatest “propoganda” films the world has ever seen.

Yet, according to the Philadelphia Daily News, NFL Network execs have ignored their older cousin, preferring cheaply-made knockoffs to gorgeous (but more expensive) shows created by Films.

The company has been decimated by layoffs and shrinking budgets, while the league continues to pump money into a channel that still hasn’t found it’s way into most (football-mad) American homes. NFL Films also loses money (and always has), but has been done so much to promote the sports that it’s long enjoyed the support of former commissioners.

Former NFL Films executives and producers blame ESPN veterans Steve Bornstein and Howard Katz, who now run the two companies, but prefer the flashy, quicker style of their old home to the old fashioned style of Films.

“That really bothered me because the one thing about NFL Films was it was distinctive… It had a uniqueness. What’s unique about the NFL Network? It looks like what it is. It looks like a knockoff of ESPN.”

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