How the new Qantas-Airbnb deal is inadvertently targeting the Chinese-Australian market

Qantas and Airbnb announced a new partnership that will see frequent flyers earn points when they book their Airbnb accommodation through the airline’s website.

But one particular marketing image being used as part of the campaign caught our attention.

Can you see why?

Photo: James Horan/ supplied.

How about now?

Photo: James Horan/supplied.

While Airbnb explained to Business Insider that the number on the letterbox reflects the address of their San Francisco headquarters: 888 Brannan Street, it also inadvertently targets the Chinese-Australian market.

The number eight in Chinese culture is considered particularly lucky, and many Chinese are known to base decisions, purchase property or hold events based on the digit. The figure 888 is triple fortune in Chinese numerology, and particularly auspicious – to the point where Chinese companies pay a premium for addresses and phone numbers with 888 for the extra luck it brings. Meanwhile Christians

So whether they realised it, or not, the two companies are potentially tapping into a whole new segment, especially as China becomes an increasingly important market for Australia’s tourism industry.

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