The NBA Is Using K-Pop To Get South Korea Into Basketball

Much like China, the NBA is starting to take South Korea by storm. According to an article published by Sports Illustrated on Monday it’s because of one thing: K-Pop.

You know K-Pop if you know Gangnam Style. But K-Pop is more than just the current brand of pop music in South Korea. It is a movement comprised of a musical and fashion shift of sorts in South Korea built off of mesmerising audiovisuals and a keen social media strategy.

According to SI, the NBA has taken advantage of its rabid fanbase as, thanks to new NBA commissioner Adam Silver, many of them are now beginning to become obsessed with the NBA.

The Korean youth of the K-Pop culture are beginning to usher in a sports element to the world of K-Pop via the NBA’s partnership with South Korean retailer MK Trend. The partnership with the American basketball league and the retailer is a creative one on the part of MK Trend, as with the permission of the NBA they have done things like changing team colours and altering designs on merchandise in a K-Popish way.

The result is NBA fashion heavy on bright colours and and unexpected creative outfits that have increased the league’s brand exposure in the country, all the while expanding the scope of K-Pop.

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