Cool Images That Show How Drastically The iPhone Camera Has Improved

Time for a skyline shot to test sharpness and saturation

How much has Apple’s iPhone camera improved over time?

The makers of Camera+, a filtered-photos camera app for smartphones, did some cool tests to find out.

Our first test is a a well-lit macro setting, to test the detail and quality of the cameras

This is a macro test using the very iPhone. Yuck.

This one was taken by the second iPhone, the iPhone 3G. Better, but the detail is still really blurry.

This was taken with an iPhone 3GS. A huge improvement. But the white knob is still washed out.

The iPhone 4 is a modest improvement over the 3GS. The knob is beginning to look distinct from the white surface

This was taken with the iPhone 4s. The colours are warmer – almost yellow.

This was taken with the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. Pretty amazing quality, especially compared to earlier models

Time for a skyline shot to test sharpness and saturation

Here's the original iPhone. The 100X zoom is pretty blurry.

This is the iPhone 3G. Judging by the 100X zoom, the camera is actually worse than its original iPhone's.

The iPhone 3GS is much better than both.

The iPhone 4 doesn't seem like a big improvement…

…Neither does the iPhone 4S, really.

The iPhone 5 camera is much better, however. Look at the sharpness in the 100X zoom.

Time for a candle lit low light macro photo to test noise

The original iPhone…pretty lousy

iPhone 3G. Still rough.

The iPhone 3GS is better, but the 100X zoom is bad.

The iPhone 4 is much better in low-light than its predecessors.

The iPhone 4s is not a huge leap

The iPhone 5 seems marginally crisper in low light than the iPhone 4s.

The iPhone isn't the only smartphone in the game, of course…

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