How The Huffington Post's Traffic Is Killing Rival News Sites

Eric Hippeau 400x300Huffington Post Eric Hippeau is in charge of monetizing millions of eyeballs.

Media analyst Ken Doctor takes a close look at Nielsen Online’s Huffington Post stats and finds several incredible stats about the five year old site’s traffic.

  • Huffington Post recently landed in the top 10 news sites.
  • 13 million unique visitors to the site in March. That’s a “whopping 94% year-over–year.”
  • 13% growth in uniques from February to March.
  • 7% growth in page views from February to March.
  • HuffPost generates 18 page views per unique, beating’s 16 and Yahoo! News’ 15.
  • Keeps visitors on the site for 12 minutes a month, couple minutes less than and Yahoo! News.
  • Ken figures if Huffington Post makes $20 million this year (a generous estimate), 13 million monthly uniques could mean $1.6 million a month or about 12 cents a unique visitor per month.

CEO Eric Hippeau and sales boss Greg Coleman have a lot of work to do.

Read more at Ken Doctor’s site, Newsonomics >

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