The NFL world says the biggest debate of the NFL Draft is over after learning how tall star quarterback Kyler Murray actually is

Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty ImagesKyler Murray’s height is now official.
  • Kyler Murray has been measured at the NFL Combine, and he surprised many with a height of 5-foot-10.1 and a weight of 207 pounds.
  • His measurements are nearly identical to Russell Wilson before the 2012 NFL Draft.
  • Many NFL experts believe this ends the debate about Murray’s NFL credentials as it was widely expected that he would be under 5-foot-9.5.

The biggest question at the NFL Combine has been answered – Kyler Murray’s height is over 5-foot-10.

Murray is officially 5-foot-10.1 (0.1 equals one-eighth of an inch), 207 pounds, with a hand size of 9.5 inches.

Murray’s height had been the biggest mystery entering the NFL Combine leading up to April’s NFL Draft.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was in the room with NFL coaches and executives when Murray was measured and reported that many of them were predicting him to be under 5-foot-9.5. Others in the NFL worried had even worried he would be under 5-foot-8.

Before the combine, many listed 5-foot-10 as the mythical magic number Murray needed to reach to quell the doubts, and the early reaction is that it has done just that.

“This is huge. This makes it much easier to draft Kyler Murray,” former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky said on ESPN’s “Get Up.” “There are no more questions. There is no more hesitation when it comes to this kid, organizationally. Draft him.”

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Many are pointing out that Murray is nearly identical to Russell Wilson in size. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback measured 5-foot-10.5 and 204 pounds before the 2012 NFL Draft. Murray’s hands are also similar in size to the other top QB in the draft, Dwayne Haskins, who measured 9 and five-eighths inches.

NFL Draft expert Todd McShay also agreed that there is no more concern over Murray’s size.

“I think the conversation is over now,” McShay said on ESPN. “If you look at Russell Wilson and what he has been able to do, and you look at the measurables, they are so comparable.”

Now the debate over whether Murray should be the top pick in the draft will grow even more fierce. But it already seems like a lock that he will be the first QB ever taken in the first round who was under 6-foot-0.

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