How Steve Jobs Screws With The Press

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Apple allowed reporters to cover its annual shareholders meeting on Thursday.

But in its typical control-freaky way, it took the occasion as an opportunity to mess with them, with silly rules for covering the event.

Reuters’ Alexei Oreskovic explains:

To ensure that CEO Steve Jobs and his lieutenants weren’t molested by pesky journalists, the press was sequestered in a special “overflow” room to watch the proceedings on a closed-circuit TV, with a fistful of Apple staff strategically positioned throughout the chamber to keep an eye on things.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Apple event without a variety of rigid – and seemingly arbitrary —  strictures. Laptops and cameras were forbidden. But smartphones (which Apple presumably understands function both as miniature computers and as cameras) were OK. More confusingly, typing on a smartphone was allowed only if a person stepped outside of the screening room, creating a bit of a challenge for any reporter trying to relay Jobs’ words back to the newsroom. A hawkeyed Apple official sprang forward to drive reporters out of the room at the first sign of fingers on keypad.

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